November 14, 2017
WWFM previews Baruch's Venezuelan Fiesta
Dean Aldemaro Romero, Jr.
Dean Aldemaro Romero, Jr.
A Tempo/WWFM
by Rachel Katz
Nov 11, 2017

A Tempo this week explores the life and legacy of Venezuelan composer and arranger Aldemaro Romero. Hired by RCA in 1951, his career included the popular Dinner in Caracas album, collaborations with Dean Martin and Tito Puente, and the development of the Onda Nueva sound. His musical works spanned jazz, big band and classical genres and often brought in Venezuelan melodies and styles.

Listen to the complete interview here.

A Tempo host Rachel Katz will speak with Romero's son, Aldemaro Romero Jr, Dean of the Weissman School of Arts and Culture at Baruch College, which is hosting a tribute concert at its performing arts center November 17 featuring works by Aldemaro Romero Sr, and Venezuelan pianist and vocalist Selene Quiroga, who will be performing at the concert and is releasing her own CD of Romero's works later this year. That's Saturday night at 7 pm.

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