The Moving Sounds Festival 2018 - Opening Concert
Place & Time
Advent Lutheran Church
2504 Broadway
New York NY United States
October 1, 2018
7:30 pm

Mahler’s last work, his unfinished 10th Symphony, was first conceived in 2 movements, concluding with a hybrid Scherzo - Finale. The opening Adagio includes Mahler’s only foray into atonality, and the 2nd movement features constantly changing meters that foreshadow Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring by three years. Argento performs Michel Galante’s completion of the Symphony’s original 2-movement form, reduced to an ensemble of 15 players. Argento gives a preview performance of Patricia Alessandrini’s work-in-progress “hommage à Alma Mahler,” which takes Alma Mahler’s youthful compositions and re-interprets them in contemporary terms. Composer Taylor Brook’s Arrhythmia asks “what if Mahler wrote his 9th Symphony today?” Reviewing Arrythmia in New York Times, James Oesterrich wrote “The work was gripping from the outset and engrossing throughout.” Argento will perform its second expanded version, scored for strings and percussion. Acclaimed Austrian soloist Virgil Hartinger sings the 1st movement of Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde to introduce a work it directly inspired: Rome Prize winning composer Jesse Jones’ Threshold, for tenor and ensemble, which is set to Rabindranath Tagore texts that explore “concepts of mortality and transcendence over death outside Western traditions."

Gustav Mahler/M. Galante “Trinklied” from Das Lied von der Erde (1908; 2018) – (7:45 min)
for tenor and ensemble

Taylor Brook Arrhythmia – expanded version (2012; 2017) – (11 min)
for string ensemble and percussion

Jesse Jones Threshold (2012) – (9 min)
for tenor and ensemble


Alma Mahler drei lieder (1899) – (7 min)
for tenor and piano

Patricia Alessandrini hommage à Alma Mahler (2018) preview performance – (6 min)
for soprano and ensemble

Gustav Mahler/M. Galante Symphony 10: Adagio and Scherzo/Finale (1910; 2018) (@ 35 minutes)
for ensemble

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