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The interactive concert series Baby Got Bach, hailed as "magical" and a "wonderful carnival of musical exploration," was founded by concert pianist Orli Shaham in 2010. As Artistic Director, she draws on both her background as an internationally renowned musician and her experience as the mother of young children. Designed for children ages 3-6 and their families, Baby Got Bach features live chamber music in a participatory format. The concerts feature hands-on activities followed by performances that encourage audience participation and develop listening skills.

Posted: Mar-6-2015
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Baby Got Bach Artistic Director Orli Shaham and Executive Director Gail Wein are pleased to announce the engagement of Gene Sobczak and PROTEA Success Navigation in the advancement and continuing development of the organization.

Posted: Jul-10-2018
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Kids not only get to make music, but in this instance enjoyed a neat little concert of masterpieces from Bach, Astor Piazzolla, and Steve Reich. The little sophisticates...

— New York Classical Review
Posted: Oct-6-2016
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Posted: Jan-23-2017