“As a musical performance, it is a must-see. As a historical story, it is a must know…”

Cameron Halsey, NinerTimes

“Each and every individual on stage were selflessly contributing every ounce of their talent to create a truly uplifting testimony to the courage of the artist”

New York Theater Guide

“This is undeniably emotionally compelling stuff…”

New York Classical Review

"the concert demonstrated once more that in the darkest conditions, it is music and art that light the brightest lights"

Mike Dunphy, Tablet Magazine

"Never again will I hear Verdi's Requiem without thinking of this performance, and what happened in Terezin"

Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

"Even on a hard seat you were not inclined to move. Sometimes shivers went down the spine."

David Whetstone, Chronicle Live

The performance was full of character, now gentle and tender, now anguished and despairing.

Jeffrey Gantz, Boston Globe

"Defiant Requiem also touched my soul as it brought a truly touching story to vivid life"

Carla Hinton,

"Even knowing what was to come in the course of the evening, "The Defiant Requiem" retains its power to show the incredible power that music, and the arts in general, can have to go beyond mere entertainment, to cradle and uplift the human soul, to instill a sense of purpose and nobility, to keep one — purely and simply — human."

James D. Watts, Tulsa World

 ...from the introspective to the rafter-shattering...this was a performance that could only be considered life-affirming.

Rick Rogers, The Oklahoman

Seen and heard in this format, “Defiant Requiem” through the lens of Verdi's music is a survivors' tale that cannot be forgotten.

Alexandra Ivanoff, Today's Zaman

“Defiant Requiem” can be seen as a landmark of a different sort: a monument to the courage of one man to foster hope among prisoners with little other solace.

Vivien Schweitzer, The New York Times

“a devastating story (whose telling) should never stop. I think it’s important to never forget and to continue to tell these stories.”

Bebe Neuwirth

The entire Defiant Requiem production, performed solemnly tonight at Fisher Hall, recreates a level of the original pathos, with astounding musicality and profoundness, to absorb some of the emotions of those sixteen wartime, threadbare productions.

Roberta Zlokower
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