"...there is no denying Houlihan's extraordinary achievement in this his first all-Bach recording."

Gatens, American Record Guide

“A passionate and intelligently virtuoso musician.”

Jed Distler, Gramophone

“It’s playful, celebratory and sparkles with colour. Every track on this CD takes advantage of this remarkable instrument and its gifted performer.”

Alex Baran, The Whole Note

“Though his playing is grand and often fiercely virtuosic in the [Fantasia and Fugue in G minor], he never crosses the line into dazzle for dazzle’s sake…This recording presents a view of Christopher Houlihan’s artistry that should appeal to a broad spectrum of listeners — Bach purists included.”

Daniel Hathaway, Cleveland Classical

"What a beautiful sound he coaxes from the instrument."

Nathan Cone, Texas Public Radio

"American organist Christopher Houlihan goes toe-to-toe with the "king of instruments" in his first all-Bach recording."

Holly Harris, Winnipeg Free Press

"Glowing, miraculously life-affirming performances" - Mark Swed, LA Times

Mark Swed, LA Times

"Smoke practically comes out of the organ when he plays.” -Dr. Patricia Lamb, Director of Music Ministries at Our Lady Queen of Angels Church

Dr. Patricia Lamb

“Houlihan’s performance of Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in E Minor BWV 548 was masterful, and indeed I think this was the best performance of the ‘wedge’ I have ever heard.” 

Dr. John L. Speller, Diapason

“A stellar reading of the fiendishly difficult Symphony No.4 of Louis Vierne…. Houlihan could not have done a better job of demonstrating the sounds of the instrument.”

Stephen L. Pinel, The American Organist
Review: "Christopher Houlihan reminds listeners that the art of the organ is very much alive"

"Christopher Houlihan performed a superb recital. ...he was consistently impressive. ... Houlihan play[s] with a wide variety of tonal colors and amazing facility. ... Houlihan’s accuracy and choice of stops were unimpeachable."

Sarah Bryan Miller, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Review: "Organist Christopher Houlihan Plays an Exhilarating, Insightful Program in Chelsea"

"Organist Christopher Houlihan has world-class chops and the kind of passion that most people who tackle playing the king of the instruments have in abundance. ... The organ world needs more ambassadors like him."

Alan Young, Lucid Culture

"...Houlihan's playing immediately revealed his natural sense of phrasing and marvelous ear for color. The recital that ensued was positively miraculous."

Clifton Noble Jr., MassLive

"Houlihan is a very fluid performer, his hands, arms, and body following the shape of the music with an intimate, yet uncontrived response. ... This human approach to the largest mechanism in the music business brings cascades of notes to life as if they were being born of heart, breath, and muscle, rather than bellows, pipes, and pedals."

Clifton Noble Jr., MassLive

They call organist Christopher Houlihan the “Fred Astaire of the pipe organ” and it’s not just because he’s 27 and handsome.

He’s a virtuoso on an instrument often associated with performers at least twice his age. And he plays it with the technical prowess of a rock star — pristine, yet exuberant. He sits at the enormous keyboard, and coaxes rich, room-filling sound.

Arizona Daily Star

"Christopher Houlihan is a star... destined to bring the pipe organ back into the mainstream."

Brian Wigman, Classical Net

"...Houlihan is the next big organ talent."

Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times
It appeared that beyond your complete heart, mind, and soul that every physical bodily fiber was engrossed in the total performance as well. Drenched in sweat yet pushing onward to higher and higher plateaus. I was mesmerized and in total awe. A performance to remember for life.
Lad Pfeifer, Director of Music, Catholic Diocese of Springfield, MA
He phrased with flexibility and clarity through the works’ knottiest chromatic wanderings. And in the jubilant, even maniacal finales — like that of the Sixth, bathed in B major brilliance — Mr. Houlihan’s playing had a glamorous sheen appropriate to Vierne’s music, if not his cheerless life.
Zachary Woolfe, New York Times
His rhythmic sense is clear-cut American. His feet elegantly tap dance on the pedals. Everything he plays is sharply and smartly delineated.
Mark Swed, L.A. Times
In Mr. Houlihan's hands, the organ delivered plenty of firepower and juicy, well-blended chords, like a homogeneous string section in a fine symphony orchestra.
Barbara Jepson, The Wall Street Journal
Houlihan exhibited a degree of control and ambidexterity that was truly frightening, especially when his emphatic gestures intensified during Bach's forte overlapping webs of sound, as is characteristic of the climactic moments of his organ showpieces.
Esteban Meneses, The Examiner
The registrations were expert: silky-smooth crescendi and decrescendi, complete mastery of the swell-boxes. The mutual chemistry of organist, composer, and instrument was apparent from the start...It will long be remembered [Vierne 2012], I am sure, as one of New York’s all-time great organ recitals.
Jonathan B. Hall, The Diapason
His sense of pacing, knowing when to draw out a phrase and when to let the sparks fly, makes for a rewarding, compelling performance
The American Organist, May 2012
"Clearly, Christopher Houlihan is a major talent whose star is destined to brightly shine over the horizon of the years ahead"
The American Organist
"Christopher Houlihan is a rising star in the organ world"
Choir and Organ, London
"Astonishing performance...He enticed listeners by engaging them with a friendly rapport in verbal program notes, then winning them over with performances that ranged from charming to overwhelming." Read More...
Michael Huebner, The Birmingham News
"Charismatic young organist Christopher Houlihan is a rising American star." Read More...
Steve Siegel, The Morning Call
"Organ phenom who has already been called one of the brightest stars in the new generation of American organists....rising star of the organ world who already has his own fan club."
Janelle Gelfand, Cincinnati Enquirer
"Enormous amazing musician and performer....the audience should be prepared to be mesmerized" Read More...
Elizabeth Roman, The Republican
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