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Kepler Quartet has completed a 14-year long labor of love: recording all ten string quartets by the American composer Ben Johnston (born March 15, 1916). Johnston's microtonal string quartets are incredibly lush, surprisingly accessible and fiendishly difficult to play. Volume 3 of this recording project is released on New World Records in April 2016.

Posted: Feb-12-2016
Latest Acclaim

"What the Kepler Quartet has accomplished on these three CDs is very unlikely to be repeated. They spared nothing in their shattering presentation of all the music."

— Tempo: A Quarterly Review of New Music
Posted: Jul-15-2016
Latest Recording

The Kepler Quartet was formed in response to the enthusiastic audience and critics’ reception of their world-premiere performance of Ben Johnston’s String Quartet No. 10 in April of 2002.

Violinists Sharan Leventhal and Eric Segnitz, violist Brek Renzelman and cellist Karl Lavine found working together under Mr. Johnston’s guidance so positive an experience that it eventually culminated in a Johnston 10-string quartet cycle recording project. The composer’s steadfast belief in his system, and his generous confidence that the quartet could understand and achieve his musical aims were key factors in the success of this recording.

Posted: Apr-4-2016