"The piece [The Miracle of Light] is well constructed both musically and dramatically, with the action moving swiftly between alternating ensemble and solo moments."

Marta Tonegutti, Chicago on the Aisle

"Her opera’s sound world is beautifully inflected by traditional Jewish melodies and harmonies, and marked by vivacious, dance-like rhythms."

Marta Tonegutti, Chicago on the Aisle
Review: "String Lover's Paradise"

"Bond’s work examined the eternal private-versus-public-persona conflict that raged within [Thomas Jefferson]. It was exquisitely expressed in the music."

Sherli Leonard, The Press Enterprise

"Thank you so much for excellent pre-concert talk: I have rarely, if ever, experienced such an informative and enjoyable pre-concert introduction."

Unsuk Chin, composer

" I was especially impressed about the vividly imagined ideas, the great range of expressive devices and the wit that came to the fore in each of your works. Your use of texts and writing for voice is really imaginative, ranging from the whimsy of "Peculiar plants" to the the sarcasm of 'A modest proposal'. "

Unsuk Chin, composer

"...compact and dramatic," Bond's music is "easy on the ear, influenced by the mid-20th-century tonality of Sessions, Harris and Copland."

Mike Dunham, Opera Magazine

"Victoria Bond has struck gold in the story of Victoria Woodhull."

Allan Kozinn, The New York Times
Review: "Mrs. President"

"An experienced conductor of standard opera repertoire, Bond writes well for the voice, calculating the timing and positioning of long, high notes to good impact."

Mike Dunham, Opera Magazine

Victoria Bond is not the first composer to chip away at Joyce’s monumental novel. But her “Cyclops,” scored for speakers, choir, violin, clarinet and piano, can be counted as one of the more successful ones.

Corinna da Fonesca-Wollheim, The New York Times
Harold Prince

As a theatrical director, I have been following Victoria Bond’s composing career. She has moved from strength to strength, culminating in her first opera – Travels, based on Swift’s Gulliver's Travel. It is musically impressive and theatrically dynamic.

Harold Prince, 1996

...each performance is introduced by an interview with the composer, and Ms. Bond is adept at getting composers to speak concisely about their goals and processes.

Allan Kozinn, The New York Times
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