Dan Siegler’s Concrète Jungle



The recorded music, by Dan Siegler...used varied sounds—rushing water, staticky buzzes—to complement the piano, strings, and brass, and was frequently haunting.
— Andrew Boynton, The New Yorker
Dan Siegler’s fine music, by turns eerie, churchly and jazzy, pulls you along...
— Francine Russo, Village Voice

Bessie-award winning composer of experimental music Dan Siegler's new electro-acoustic work Concrète Jungle features hundreds of intricately edited New York voices and highlights borough-specific accents, linguistic filler and word repetitions to form assembled sentences and musical grooves. Layered under the dialogue, Siegler transforms harsh urban street noise by filtering it through digital delay, reverb and echo effects, rendering it meditative and ambient. Collaborative artists perform, individually, improvised solos that compliment and contrast with the ambient noise created by Siegler. Concrète Jungle is inspired by and takes its title from musique concrète, an electronic genre pioneered in the 1940’s in which readymade sounds are employed in place of instrumentation.


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