Margaret Brouwer



Composer Margaret Brouwer is that rarity, a contemporary composer whose music is accessible and engaging for a wide range of audiences, but whose work doesn’t sound like movie music. She’s not afraid to be spiky when spikiness is indicted, but there’s never a sense in any of these works that she’s using atonality for its own sake. And often her sonic world is utterly luminous in its beauty.
— Sarah Bryan Miller, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
(Brouwer) has a talent for taking the simplest melody and through her expansive array of compositional techniques, develop it into a polished musical gem. And even when employing a twelve-tone row, Brouwer never ventures into the realm of compositional gimmickry. Every note she writes has musical purpose.
— Mike Telin, ClevelandClassical

The award-winning composer Margaret Brouwer has earned critical accolades for her music's lyricism, musical imagery and emotional power. The former Chair of the Composition Department at the Cleveland Institute of Music, Ms. Brouwer has been awarded by the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the Ohio Arts Council, the Cleveland Arts Prize and a Guggenheim Fellowship. Her music has been performed by ensembles including the Dallas Symphony, Detroit Symphony, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, and American Modern Ensemble.

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