It was a transformative experience from the very first phone call. I really appreciate how much work you did on my behalf. The results are palpable - more concerts, more attention, more opportunities, more STUFF!!
— Sarah Plum, violinist
...It’s another event publicized by Gail Wein (which I’m making a point of because one of the reasons I’m in NY is to see how to get people to concerts, and a very good way seems to be to hire Gail)...
— Eric Edberg, ericedberg.com
You were worth your weight in gold and got us so many wonderful reviews and articles for all of our concerts this spring.
— Louisa Hollman, Executive Director, Defiant Requiem Foundation
Gail is the best in the industry. Anytime I work with one of her clients, everything is easy.
— Gregory Isaacs, Journalist, Theater Jones
Thanks again for doing such an outstanding job with this project…you’ve delivered in spades.
— Paul Tai, Vice President, New World Records
I absolutely love working with Gail: she has the knowledge to make things happen and the dedication to get things done. She is passionate about the music, understands the business, and most importantly, cares deeply about the artist.
— Jenny Lin, pianist
Everyone should have an agent like you who makes all of this happen.
— David Wagner, Detroit Public Radio
Gail has the best ears in the business.
— Fred Child, host of the public radio program Performance Today
Working with Gail Wein was a pleasure in every way. Professional, thorough, and thoughtful, she understood exactly what we needed, and made it happen. My only regret is that the project had to come to an end!
— Claire Hoffman, Executive Director, Grand Canyon Music Festival
“”So great to work with someone who understands radio along with everything else you know and do!”
— Mona Seghatoleslami, WXXI-FM
Gail’s varied background makes her a wonderful partner to explore many different creative paths. This kind of collaboration is satisfying and rare. I am grateful to be working with her!
— Orli Shaham, pianist