Cutting Edge Concerts New Music Festival

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a full-throttle commitment to contemporary music
Chamber Music America
a gift to New Yorkers thirsty for new sounds
Time Out New York

Composer and conductor Victoria Bond is the founder and director of Cutting Edge Concerts New Music Festival. CEC has been called "a full-throttle commitment to contemporary music" by Chamber Music America, and "a gift to New Yorkers thirsty for new sounds" by Time Out New York. Over the course of 22 years, Cutting Edge Concerts has presented over 300 works by nearly 200 composers on 67 concerts. Each program highlights the music of living composers, all of whom attend the concert. Along with performances by world-class ensembles and soloists, each program features on-stage discussions between host Victoria Bond and the composers.

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Cutting Edge Concerts New Music Festival, Gramercy Opera, and Quog Music Theater, Inc., honor the late composer Eric Salzman with the world premiere staged production of his last major work and his only true opera, Big Jim & the Small-time Investors.